She is riding to Mt Everest solo

She is riding to Mt Everest solo

What to do when life puts obstacles in your path? If you’re Vaune Phan, you think of them as mountains to climb.

That’s why the 27 year-old biker has decided to set off on an epic journey in June, starting from her comfortable home here and crossing 8,000km of mixed terrain, all the way to Everest Base Camp.

She will be riding from Singapore to Mount Everest Base Camp - Solo

She will be riding from Singapore to Mount Everest Base Camp – Solo

“This trip signifies there can be “mountains” in our lives, but if we remain determined and persevere on, we will conquer the “mountain”, we can achieve our dreams,” she says.

Vaune (that’s pronounced “Von”) has only ever ridden up as far as Penang before, but that isn’t stopping her from attempting the six-country ride.

“If not now, when? That has always been how I live life,” she says. “Mount Everest Base Camp has always been a destination I wanted to go to. And why fly when you can ride there?”

The “Beyond Everest” ride, as Vaune calls the journey, is not only about a personal challenge.

“I’d like to share with you that this trip is not just about me conquering this quest, but to also raise awareness for the Singapore Disability Sports Council,” she says.

The charity’s mission, says its website, is “to promote, through sports, the well-being of the disabled in Singapore, helping them to live full and independent lives.”

Singapore to Mount Everest - 8000 KM Route

Singapore to Mount Everest – 8000 KM Route

Vaune would like her supporters to make donations to the SDSC, or volunteer their time at its events.

“I’ve always thought, since I am a well-abled body, working on achieving my dreams, how much more can I do through this ride to help raise awareness for the disabled, in helping them get one step closer to achieving their dreams too, whether is it competing in the paralympics or just learning how to walk again?” she explains.

Apart from that, the thought of disability sometimes preys on the thoughts of the Ducati-riding Vaune.

The Ducati Rider Vaune with her Ducati

The Ducati Rider Vaune with her Ducati

“As a rider, I am aware of the many potential dangers around. And I’ve learnt how vulnerable life is,” she says. “I’ve had many friends who have gotten into accidents from riding and become disabled.”

In the meantime, she’s been training hard to build up the physical strength for long days in the saddle, or in case the Suzuki DR 200 she is riding topples over and she has to pick it up solo.

And yes, she intends to do the trip pretty much by herself.

Vaune - Keeping herself fit for the ride beyond Everest.

Vaune – Keeping herself fit for the ride beyond Everest.

“The thought of doing it in a group did briefly cross my mind, but then again, I feel more strongly that I’d want to do this on my own because its an independency that I wish to achieve, and I do not want to rely on others,” she says.

For all that, you’ll be able to keep her company online. Vaune will be blogging and uploading videos of her journey “every step of the way,” she says.

And hopefully, watching along as she climbs her personal mountain will encourage you to conquer yours.



A little glamour from Vaune

A little glamour from Vaune

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