Swimming Pools, best way to cool you off

Swimming Pools, best way to cool you off

Swimming Pool, Pokhara, Nepal

Summer is on a play and this can be seen from the crowd visiting the public swimming pools of Pokhara. As temperature is rocketing up, people are trying to find a way to cool down and get refreshed from the excessive heat. One of the best ways to cool you off is to shower oneself with icy cold water or swim in the cold running water.

Looking at the safety and hygienic issues, it seems that the swimming pool has become the best option for swimming and of course refreshing during the summer time.  The popularity of the swimming pools can be seen in the weekends, when the public swimming pools get crowded by the people. It would be very hard to swim in these pools as there would not be an enough space for swimming but on the other week days, the swimming doesn’t get so crowded but still it too doesn’t get deserted.

A Foreigner swimming in Fulbari Resort's Swimming Pool, Pokhara, Nepal

Maya Pun, a resident of Pokhara, regularly visits the Penguine swimming pool and is trying to learn swimming and feels that swimming gives you a way out from the excessive heat and also helps you to maintain the physical fitness.

Pratima Thapa, a student has become a member in CM swimming pool and does swimming regularly with her friends in the evening time as she feels it’s full of fun and of course with fun it also gives you a good exercise. The only the thing she hates about the swimming is the sun burn and it’s because of that, she only swims after the sunset.

Ram Bahadur has a different motive to come to swimming pool. He had a back pain and his physiotherapist had suggested him to go swimming. Though, his back pain have not been recovered fully, he feels swimming has helped a lot in his recovery process and is also a lot of fun.

Krishna Gurung, a father of two children comes to the swimming in the weekdays and on holidays to entertain her small children. Similarly, Ashesh Shakya, a photographer comes to the swimming pool regularly with his son for the physical fitness.

Swimming has got many advantages and it is regarded as a lifetime sports that benefits the whole body and it is believed that no other sports or activity allows you to utilize as many muscles as you do in swimming. It is extremely good for lungs. The only the thing needed in swimming is that it takes dedication just like any other endeavor.

The public swimming pool charges around NRS 150 for swimming whereas hotels like Barahi, Shangrilla, Fulbari Resort, Pokhara Grande & Waterfront Resort charges you around NRS 500 or more than that for swimming.

The reasons may countless but it can’t be denied that swimming helps you to cool you off during the summer and is also a good exercise. The people of pokhara are aware about these facts and this can be seen from the crowd visiting the swimming pools of Pokhara.


With Kids, Penguin Swimming Pool, Pokhara, Nepal

Ravi Shrestha, Swimming Pool, Pokhara, Nepal

Photo By: Ashesh Shakya ( Photographer, Photo Zenith ) & Ravi Shrestha (Pokharacity.com)

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