Petrol queue

Petrol queue

John came to Pokhara a day ago after watching the Shivaratri Mela in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu. He was amazed by the long queue of the people in Pashupatinath who were waiting for their turn to worship the god in the temple and today, he was amazed with the queue of vehicles and motorbikes in the Baglung Highway.

He asked his guide if this was a temple too. Ram Bahadur, the guide of this tourist answered his queries with a smile “It’s bigger than a temple, it’s an armed police force’s petrol pump and people are waiting for their turn to get the petrol”.

He was more surprised and asked his guide if the armed police force was distributing petrol for free or what because he thought it was insane to wait for the basic commodity like this. The joker guide said “Now, you will understand, why political parties conduct so many strikes in Nepal, it’s all done to save the consumption of Petrol and other power energy in Nepal. They are unqualified to strengthen the supply chain of these products, so they are trying their best to stop people from using the energy.”

Then, the tourist said “Life in Nepal is like a screen saver, good to see but hectic to experience. “  On the mean time he saw a police officer handing a gallon of petrol to a person who wasn’t standing in the queue. He then looked at the guide and said “Well, that person must have bribed the officer to get such a five star privilege”.

The guide looked at tourist and said “Don’t know, but it sure is an example of favoritism and nepotism and our bureaucrats are quite good at practicing this.

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