• Nepalese expectation from their leaders
  • Nepalese expectation from their leaders

Nepalese expectation from their leaders

Nepalese political leaders

Bamdev Gautam, Deputy PM and Home Minister of Nepal

Bamdev Gautam, Deputy PM and Home Minister of Nepal

The citizens of Nepal are depressed by the failure of state to act during the time when the country was rocked by 7.9 Richter Scale Earthquake. According to Bamdev Gautam, the Deputy PM and Home Minister of Nepal, the government are doing everything they could do to help in the relief operations. The government has deployed it’s the army and police force for the rescue and relief mission.  He further adds that the country has got limited resources so the relief operation couldn’t reach everywhere at once, so it’s been implemented in step-by-step process.

On the other hand, the citizens of Nepal and a lot international volunteers are getting actively involved in the rescue and relief mission. According to them, the pace of the Nepalese government’s relief operations is very slow and  have prompted anger and frustration among the residents. The international organization even blames that the government polices and bureaucratic operation has become hurdle in the rescue operations.

The citizens are frustrated on how incapable their government are to act according to the need. They are confused on why the government is refusing help from other countries and at the same time telling to the public that the relief operation was slow because the country has less infrastructures. According to them, many lives could have been saved if the government had removed the bureaucratic loop for the international rescue teams  to start their rescue mission. The government has failed to recognize the critical condition that the country is facing today and its outcome in the future.

It seems that the political leaders aren’t able to react with the expectation of its citizens. So, please comment to put your expectation from the government and political leaders of Nepal during this tragic moment.

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