abhaya_&_the_steam-injuns-nepali-bandAbhaya & The Steam Injuns began its musical quest on 2nd January, 2003 playing live gigs in major Hotels and Pubs in India and Nepal. In the beginning it was an essentially acoustic blues band before they decided to kick off as a rock outfit, the passion and vision Abhaya Subba always had. The Lead singer Abhaya Subba is the founder member of the band, while Rajiv Rinchen Palzar who now plays the lead guitar joined the band in early 2004. Shailendra Singh on the keys was discovered by Abhaya Subba for his talent while she was judging for a reality show, The Sprite Band Challenge in 2008 and sooner he joined the band in the very same year. Tsewang NT Hyolmo on the bass joined the band in July 2009 and similarly NabinT Magar in the drums, at the same time. Formerly there had been several changes in the lineup before the main lineups, which are playing today, joined the band.

Abhaya Subba had also been featured, as a member, in a very well known band such as Parikrama, Red Skywalkers and Punchtatva in India. Earlier in the past before the band started there had been certain under estimation towards her for her skill through several artists and bands although she has now proved her singing and writing skill to millions here in Nepal, today. Her passion and dedication towards music never failed and continued believing on her art of contribution towards music. Later she had been seeking for a band that would let her express herself fully and have a similar vision. So she finally came across younger musicians than of her age to form a band in 2003. The members in the band all seemed to have more of her acceptance in terms of her need to write and compose beautiful songs and articulate her full potential as a musician while the members were with higher level of potential to par excellence.

Their first self entitled album, Abhaya & The Steam Injuns, released in February 2005, surprised the Nepali audience, as the civilians had never ever seen such a bold female singer, with an enormous high enthusiasm, to contribute in the music industry. The album went out to become a runaway success, leaving the band to be the talk of the country, by the civilians and the band carved a niche among the youth of Nepal and music lovers, to be a bench mark, in the history of Nepali Music.

With their groundbreaking second album, Nayan, hitting the Nepali charts in 2008 their songs managed to embrace a larger listenership that established the band as one of the best bands in Nepal has ever had.

They have been nominated for several major music awards in Nepal and were awarded the honor of being the Number One band of Nepal by Radio Kantipur in 2009.

The band’s recent album Trisoul has again created a bench mark in the Nepali Music Industry and become successful all across the country.

In fact the band is ready to fulfill the quest thirst of their fan in Pokhara through Rock & Rolla Pokhara, who has been waiting desperately, to have their album heard and see them perform.

They have been invited to major concerts in Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, UK, Bhutan and India and regarded to be one of the most popular bands in all the Nepali community throughout the world. .

They have performed extensively all over Nepal and are planning a UK after this event Rock & Rolla Pokhara to be held on the 28th of June in 3 Wise Monkeys and on the 29th of June in Busy Bee Cafe.

The band is currently also working out for an English album to be released from a record label in India. All in all, the band is set to keep the pride of Nepal even higher internationally.
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