200 New Taxis For Tribhuvan International Airport!

200 New Taxis For Tribhuvan International Airport!

Nepal Airport Taxi


Nepal’s only international airport has received 200 new taxis! The Airport Passengers Transport Service Management Limited introduced 200 new taxis of Ford and Maruti make for use by passengers of the international and domestic airport. The prepaid taxis have a fixed charge of Nrs 75 per kilometer. What a great start to 2014 – goodbye to old worn out taxis from the 70′s! The company plans to add another 100 taxis in the second phase and also revealed that a whopping Nrs 600 million has been invested to get these new prepaid airport taxis on the road. Here’s to hoping that the drivers and passengers use the taxis wisely and keep vehicles clean. The company should look beyond the airport and also revamp the taxis that are operating around Kathmandu – those little white Maruti’s are getting a bit too much… What do you guys think?

source: lexlimbu

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